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This wall mounted panel type heater works on the principle of natural convection. The heater uses non-conducting materials and is hot to touch but does not burn and is triple insulated for electrical protection. It provides gentle heat to the room over a longer period of time and can be used in conjunction with a separately purchased plug-in type thermostat.

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  • ETL & IEC Approved and RoHS compliant.
  • Energy-Efficient - All electrical energy is converted to heat
  • Save up to 50% on home heating costs.
  • At night, set central thermostat lower than usual by about 5 to 10 degrees.
  • Turn “ON” the Amaze Heater in the rooms as needed
  • Save money by not heating entire house, at night!
  • Heat Reflector included - This self adhesive reflective sheet reduces heat loss into the wall and increases heater efficiency.
  • Heating element much cooler than radiant heaters. As a result, no change in Oxygen levels!
  • No fan and hence, no dust re-circulation AND no noise!
  • No moving parts and designed for continuous operation and no maintenance!
  • Ezymount – Patented drill-less mounting system (to be purchased separately)
  • No tools needed to install the heater
  • Ideal for Asthma and Allergy sufferers as there is no fan and hence, no dust re-circulation.
  • Triple insulated for electrical safety.
  • Safer for Children, elders and pets – Lower surface temperature (less than 185°F) will be hot to touch but will not burn due to use of non-conducting materials.
  • No glowing element – Oxygen level not changed.
    • Electrical data: 250 Watts (853 BTU), 120 volts, 2.08 Amps – Uses only 0.25 Kw/hr of energy
    • Weight: 8.8 Lbs Product weight
    • Approx. Room Size: 100 Sq. Ft. – See table below for more information on heater selection
    • Dimensions: 23.3" W x 17.3" H x 0.5" D Product dims
    • In CM : 60cm x 45cm
    • In Inches : 24'' x 18''
    • Weight:12 lbs Shipping weight
    • 26” x 21” x 3” Shipping dims
    • Heating Energy (wats) : 250
    • Heating Energy (btu) : 853

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